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There was only one man Kek Huuygens didn’t recognize at the bar of New York’s exclusive Quinleven Gambling Club. But when the man invited him for a drink. Huuygens suddenly realized he was facing Victor Girard, a criminal with an international reputation. Girard desperately covets a very rare and valuable carving kept under tight security on a Caribbean island, and he bets Huuygens $50,000 that he can’t get it past the U.S. Customs.

Huuygens takes the bet: but the professional thief Girard has retained bungles the job. and to win. Huuygens not only must carry out an “impossible” robbery, but devise a devilishly ingenious plan that will get the treasure past the inspectors who have been alerted to its disappearance. A tale of mounting tension climaxed by an astonishing surprise that confirms the author’s talent at creating “touch and go adventure that works out brilliantly.” —

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