Soon so much as 56 million years ago?

Soon so much as 56 million years ago?

Stratocumulus Floccus. Flickr _-_ nicholas_t _-_ passing_through.JPG: Image: Nicholas A. Tonelli / CC BY-2.0

The Energy and Climate Week Show: From Disagree Coalition Partners, a growing solar market and sudden global temperature jumps

The content of the design for a climate protection law submitted by the Minister of Environment Svenja Schulze (SPD) will now be discussed public and in all media. The portal climate reporter has published the design in the wording. This determines the national CO2 reduction targets, as well as from the climate protection plan 2050. However, at the finder for 2050, the Ministry of the Environment takes the maximum requirement of a reduction of 95 percent, instead of a quite vague range between 80 to 95 percent. The actually no longer achievable reduction target of 40 percent by 2020 is also included in the design.

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Amri and the strike protection: contradictions over contradictions

Amri and the strike protection: contradictions over contradictions

In the Federal Study Committee on the Bundestag, the Federal Office tries for strangers protection, his role to speak small

What role did the Federal Office for Festival Protection (BFV) in connection with Anis Amri, the alleged attack from the bondsplatz in Berlin? This question has been bold for weeks. The contradicts are more – and thus the suspicion that the office is involved in the scandal and the reason to deny, must be heavily weighed. At the mab of resistance, the MAB of the Possible Truth can be guessed.

Between the fronts is currently a BFV evaluator with the work name "Lia Freuth". She had revealed in mid-September in the Amri Investigation Committee of the Bundestag, that the Tunisian was a process in the authority: a file was carried over Amri, and he became, so the witness, "Highly monitored with intelligence funds".

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“I am for the dissolution of the interception protection”

Kerem Schamberger. Image: priv.

Kerem Schamberger wants to become a research assistant at LMU Munich. The Verfangsschutz blocks it because Schamberger is involved in left-wing organizations

Kerem Schamberger was supposed to take up a position. October as a research assistant at the LMU Munich. But the Bavarian interception protection got in his way. The authorities see the avowed communist as an enemy of the cause. And now Facebook is deleting his profile because he reports about Kurdish affairs in Turkey. In an interview with Telepolis, Schamberger sharply criticizes the authorities, Facebook and the AKP, which is pursuing a policy of escalation in Turkey.

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When cells learn to walk

"Live Cell Imaging"a new era of biological research based on the interaction of biologists, biophysicists and computer scientists

The biologists have deeply refined the art of handling the microscope. No longer just snapshots, but exciting action is required.

We have detailed knowledge of how proteins and lipids in the cell react with each other to accomplish the formation, maintenance and function of cellular organization. The biochemical and genetic experiments used for this purpose are extremely diverse. Nevertheless: in reality, these are snapshots, i.e. a highly static view.

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On scientific search for the afterlife

Near-death experience expert Michael Schroter-Kunhardt on the software that prepares us for life after death, super-reality, dubious colleagues, and the ignorance of neurobiology

People who have been close to death report impressive experiences: They walk through a tunnel, see a bright light, religious figures and deceased relatives or feel outside their body. Such Near Death Experiences (NDEs), first reported by the American physician Raymond Moody in his acclaimed bestseller "Life after Death" in 1977, are amazingly similar, even across ages and cultures. Since then, thanatologists (death researchers) have been tracking down this phenomenon on an international level and with interdisciplinary commitment. Within the framework of the "International Association for Near Death Studies" (IANDS), renowned scientists from a wide range of disciplines worldwide are investigating the unusual near-death experiences reported around the globe. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that national IANDS sections have been established in many countries around the globe.

The representative of the German section, the physician, neurologist and psychiatrist Michael Schroter-Kunhardt, who has been doing research in the field of thanatology for many years in his spare time without any governmental demand or DFG support, considers it very likely that NDE experiences point to a possible life after death. Schroter-Kunhardt vergleicht dabei unser Gehirn mit einem Computer, in dem ein vorinstalliertes Programmen integriert ist. If a NDE occurs, a death experience program is called up, which has a very specific meaning and purpose. This consists of preparing us simulatively for a life after death.

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Time bomb pakistan – a country in permanent chaos

time bomb pakistan - a country in permanent chaos

Zindabad Pakistan is all that those in charge of the permanent chaos have to offer the population. Photo: Gilbert Kolonko

In Pakistan a few thousand religious fanatics brought the government to its knees because the army refused to break up the illegal demonstration – in the process it went under how cheaply Pakistani leaders sell their country to China

When the Interior Minister of Pakistan on 25. When the army was called in to help break up an illegal demonstration by religious fanatics in Islamabad on Nov. 11, General Javed Bajwa refused to comply with the request, despite an order from the Islamabad High Court. The government broke up the violent dispersal of the demonstration, in which six Islamists had died, and met all the demands of the religious fanatics, who for three weeks blocked access between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi: this affected above all the ordinary workers who commute back and forth every day. Justice Minister Zahid Hamid resigned – and the violent protesters who were arrested were not only released from custody, but are also expected to pay for their "Suffering" be defunded. The fact that they set fire to police cars, kidnapped and tortured policemen – bygones be bygones.

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Warning about furby

Toy for spying

The owl-like Furbys were a big seller in the USA at Christmas. One has already been hacked to detect and assess the technology behind its furby. Now the supposedly intelligent toy has been outed by the National Security Agency as a tool for spying and banned as a threat to national security.

An allegedly secret internal memo from the NSA in Maryland, as reported by BBC and CNN, ied a warning against Furbys, which was 200 words in English and on "Furbish" speak, but also repeat what they have heard. Exactly that makes them apparently dangerous, because one could instill them secret things, which one has heard in the NSA, and then play that at home.

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Soundless big bang

The big bang took place at no time at no place, but at the same time at every point of this universe

It is in the nature of the Big Bang that astrophysicists have yet to find direct evidence of its "authenticity" have been able to find. Although the cosmic microwave background radiation and the redshift support the Big Bang thesis, they are at best circumstantial. One thing is certain: If the Big Bang really created space and sent the arrow of time on its infinite (?) journey, it is at least clear, "when" and "where" it (did not) "occurred"…

Image: NASA, ESA, and K. Noll (STScI)

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Exceptional disappearance does not disappear, but turn into a new form of normal condition

Exceptional disappearance does not disappear, but turn into a new form of normal condition

The Corona crisis. The left. And the mortality – Part 2

The exception is not new in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Despite quite different animals, you have a common handwriting and help "wild" Speculation" to involve what everything remains, even if no one reminds more about the actual occasion.

The Corona crisis. The left. And mortality – Part 1

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Were the hijackers of the 11.9. Hijacked?

Not only the identity of the suspected aircraft designers is still unclear – Wargames III

On 1. June 2001, the standard procedure for the defense against hijacked airplanes was changed and made dependent on a decision of the US Secretary of Defense. On 11. On September 11, 2001, military manovers were conducted in which aircraft simulated hijacked airliners for training purposes (The Wargames of the 11th Century). September and welcome to Donald Rumsfeld’s office). That these "Wargames" have taken place is now variously proven, but still unclear are the details of the operations and who was responsible for coordination. It is understandable, however, why these facts are not investigated in depth by the official investigative commission and the mainstream media: they immediately raise the question of the "19 hijackers" their identities and the role they played in the 11.9. are still unclear to this day.

When I discussed last spring with Andreas Haub the "facts, falsehoods and suppressed evidence of the 11/11 attacks.9." When we compiled our book of the same name, we deliberately put the question of the hijackers’ identities at the very beginning. Here, among the main suspects, the manifold inconsistencies of the case seemed to us to be most obvious. From the elephant tracks with the Koran and the will, to the unpublished original passenger documentation and the manipulated passenger lists, to the six people who came forward alive and complained that they had been falsely included as mass murderers on the FBI list published 48 hours after the crime, we were able to show that the true identities of the hijackers remain unclear to this day.

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