Жанр Фантастика

Год 2010

ISBN: 0-812-57635-7

Язык Английский

Обьем книги: Полная версия

Young Jordan Mason, on the terraformed planet Venus, has visions. Kidnapped by Calandria May - a human from offworld sent to investigate the AIs (dubbed the Winds) of Ventus - Jordan is desperate to find the meaning of his visions, desperate enough to risk calling down the Winds that destroy technology to protect the created environment. As a result, Jordan escapes from Calandria and sets out to discover his destiny on his own. Calandria and others, both human and AI, search for Jordan, who holds the key to catastrophe or salvation. Ventus is an epic journey across a fascinating planet with a big mystery - why have the Winds fallen silent?

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