Under the Freeze


When a Soviet submarine goes aground in Swedish waters, the Swedes announce the presence of atomic material on board.

The plutonium was stolen from a plant in Russia, an almost unheard of feat. The dead captain of the submarine is the only one with any links to where the plutonium deal was made. When American agent, Tarp, is appointed to become one of the enemy, he is faced with the task of eliminating the potential suspects, one by one if needed.

Nobody knows who had the audacity to steal the plutonium from Russia, but Repin has a list of certain players who would have reason and potential to perform such a theft. But it is only a few who have the power to execute such a scheme, and only one with courage to do it. Tarp is sent to Cuba to begin his task of stalking the man who not only betrayed his country, but the world.

Under several guises and aliases, Tarp performs the role of several nationalities, while trying to disarm his target. To add to the mix, Tarp finds himself faced with the love of a KGB agent who has just as well signed her own death warrant by proclaiming her love for him.

From Buenos Aires and London, to Paris and Moscow, to a rendezvous beneath the Arctic’s frigid waters, Tarp stalks a man who has betrayed not only his own country, but the world.

Kenneth CameronGeorge Bartram

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