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A soldier from the future finds himself stuck in a world at war with a hearty supply of military technology, a team of unexpected heroes, and a reason to fight.

This collaborative work weaves an action filled adventure with science fiction, alternative history, and a dynamic cast of characters. Hiram Halphen, an Israeli soldier from 2050 in the midst of a failing mission, finds himself thrown back to the year 1942. With no hope of returning to his own time and family, Hiram heads to France to save his great-great-grandmother◦– an expected victim of the madness spreading through Vichy France at the height of World War II. Aided by a tinder box of technology from the future and a group of unlikely soldiers from the past, Hiram and the Maids of Chateau Vernet set out to save their families and maybe even end the war. The documented timeline changes with each new ripple they generate. Can they save their loved ones before it’s too late, without destroying France along the way?

Experience a vibrant mix of science fiction and historical drama as you join Hiram Halphen and The Maids of Chateau Vernet on their journey through France during a time of political turmoil and state-sanctioned persecution.

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