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Жанр: Проза

Парадоксально! Но что еще мы читаем с таким удовольствие, как книги о событиях загадочных, зловещих, непостижимых, невозможных? Что еще так притягивает наше внимание, как чудовища, оборотни, зомби, вампиры и призраки? Все они — герои этого сборника, включившего в себя лучшие произведения малых форм в жанре хоррор. И каждое из них принесет то, чего мы так жаждем, — сладкое чувство тревоги, неопределенности и мучительное ожидание неотвратимого ужаса.

The Nebula Awards Showcase

Praise for :

Praise for :


“There is not a story in the bunch that is not engaging to the reader…. This is an excellent book for lovers of science fiction.”


“Featuring writing of the highest quality in the genre, this compilation is certain to appeal to those demanding imaginative fiction.”

“Essential fare for short story aficionados, even though some of the contents have appeared in other collections.”

A collection of stories and poems relating to shapeshifting — animal transfiguration — legends from around the world — from werewolves to vampires and the little mermaid, retold and reimagined by such authors as Peter Beagle, Tanith Lee, Lucius Shepard, Jeffrey Ford, Ellen Kushner and many others. Illustrated with decorations by Charles Vess. Includes brief biographies, authors' notes, and suggestions for further reading.

Лисы-демоны, летучие мыши-вампиры, анимаги из книг о Гарри Поттере… Что общего у всех этих персонажей? Они – оборотни, полулюди-полузвери, и их появление рождает в сердцах страх и волшебство.

Лауреаты множественных премий Эллен Датлоу и Терри Уиндлинг собрали в этой книге лучшие образцы легенд о людях-зверях в пересказе и доработке известнейших писателей-фантастов современности, таких как Питер С. Бигл, Йоханна Синисало и многих других.

Вместе с ними мы отправляемся по следам оленя на снегу, набросив на плечи отороченную мехом накидку. В небе светит полная луна, и опушка леса неясно маячит в сумерках… Вперед, читатель!

Жанр: Проза

Победитель премии Брема Стокера за лучший сборник!

Мрачные и захватывающие, эти двадцать рассказов о привидениях заставят вас дрожать от ужаса! Все истории о призраках написаны в традиционном стиле, но при этом каждый рассказ является уникальным переложением страшных городских легенд со всего мира.

Лауреат множественных премий Эллен Датлоу и номинант нескольких премий, автор и редактор Ник Маматас соединили в одну блестящую композицию работы Джеффри Форда, Рэмси Кэмпбелла, Джо Лэнсдейла, Кейтлин Кирнан, Кэтрин Валенте, Кит Рид, Екатерины Седиа и тринадцати других отличных писателей. Вместе они создали непревзойденную по глубине книгу, которая заставит читателей на всю ночь оставить включенным свет…

The very best short SF fiction of any given year as recommended and nominated by the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America: the best novella, novelette and short story. Here you will find the cream of the crop of science fiction and fantasy - startling ideas, the intricate construction of new worlds and mind-bending experimental writing. This anthology includes not only the Nebula Award-winning works in each short-form category, but also all the nominees in the novelette and short story categories. Here you will find colourful fantasy, outstanding speculative fiction, steampunk, edgy writing on the fringes of the mainstream and uncompromisingly hard SF in stories set in the distant past, an off-kilter present day, the far future or some times in between.

If the melt-down, flood, plague, the third World War, new Ice Age, Rapture, alien invasion, clamp-down, meteor, or something else entirely hit today, what would tomorrow look like? Some of the biggest names in YA and adult literature answer that very question in this short story anthology, each story exploring the lives of teen protagonists raised in catastrophe's wake—whether set in the days after the change, or decades far in the future.

New York Times

Kitsune. Werewolves. Crane wives. Selkies. Every culture has stories of such strange creatures—animals turning into humans, humans shapeshifting into animals. Sometimes seductive, sometimes bloodthirsty, but always unpredictable like nature itself, these beings are manifestations of our secret hearts, our desire to belong to both worlds: one tame and civilized, the other unfettered and full of wild impulse.

Here are stories that will make you wish you could howl at the moon until your heart bursts with longing or feel yourself shedding your human body as easily as a snake sheds its skin. Be-were the night… it might not kill you, but it will certainly steal you away!

In this thrilling collection of original stories some of today's hottest paranormal authors delight, thrill and captivate readers with otherworldly tales of magic and mischief. In Jim Butcher's ' Curses' Harry Dresden investigates how to lift a curse laid by the Fair Folk on the Chicago Cubs. In Patricia Briggs' 'Fairy Gifts,' a vampire is called home by magic to save the Fae who freed him from a dark curse. In Melissa Marr's 'Guns for the Dead,' the newly dead Frankie Lee seeks a job in the afterlife on the wrong side of the law. In Holly Black's 'Noble Rot,' a dying rock star discovers that the young woman who brings him food every day has some strange appetites of her own.

Featuring original stories from 20 authors, this dark, captivating, fabulous and fantastical collection is sure to have readers coming back for more.

An Air Force Loadmaster is menaced by strange sounds within his cargo; a man is asked to track down a childhood friend… who died years earlier; doomed pioneers forge a path westward as a young mother discovers her true nature; an alcoholic strikes a dangerous bargain with a gregarious stranger; urban explorers delve into a ruined book depository, finding more than they anticipated; residents of a rural Wisconsin town defend against a legendary monster; a woman wracked by survivor's guilt is haunted by the ghosts of a tragic crash; a detective strives to solve the mystery of a dismembered girl; an orphan returns to a wicked witch's candy house; a group of smugglers find themselves buried to the necks in sand; an unanticipated guest brings doom to a high-class party; a teacher attempts to lead his students to safety as the world comes to an end around them…

What frightens us, what unnerves us? What causes that delicious shiver of fear to travel the lengths of our spines? It seems the answer changes every year. Every year the bar is raised; the screw is tightened. Ellen Datlow knows what scares us; the twenty-one stories and poems included in this anthology were chosen from magazines, webzines, anthologies, literary journals, and single author collections to represent the best horror of the year.

Legendary editor Ellen Datlow (Poe: New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe), winner of multiple Hugo, Bram Stoker, and World Fantasy awards, joins Night Shade Books in presenting The Best Horror of the Year, Volume One.

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