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At first glance, it may seem like I’m reinventing the wheel; Windows already comes with a very complex, very functional GUI. Unfortunately, while the Windows GUI is great for office apps, quite frequently, it’s not suited for many games. Games tend to want a more precise control over the GUI than Windows can provide (for example, games may want to use alpha-blending to implement partially transparent windows - easy if you’ve written your own GUI, but next to impossible using the Windows GUI).

This article will walk you though how to create a GUI using C++ and DirectX. The series is divided into several parts, each dealing with a specific aspect of GUI programming:

Part I: The Basics, and the Mouse

Part II: Windows

Part III: Controls

Part IV: Resource Editors and Other Madness

NOTE: This document was originally four separate articles on www.gamedev.net. I’ve concatenated all four into one for the XGDC, but they remain otherwise unchanged. - Mason

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