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Irreverent merriment. Diabolical debauchery. Gory good times. Editor Shane McKenzie has gutted the holiday spirit and left it to bleed out on the pages of this gruesome, extreme horror tribute to special occasions. Includes stories by the following masters of the macabre: Jack Ketchum, Joe R. Lansdale, Bentley Little, Nate Southard, Lee Thomas, Wrath James White and More!

Table of Contents:

"Consensual" by Jack Ketchum

"securedate.com" by Boyd E. Harris

"Face" by Patrick Shand

"Ghunt" by Lee Thomas

"Joyeux Paques" by Emma Ennis

"The Greatest Sin" by Kevin Wallis

"The Greenhouse Garden of Suicides" by Kirk Jones

"IRecycling" by Lesley Conner

"Taco Meat" by Jon McNee

"Remember What I Said About Living Out in the Country?" by A.J. Brown

"Every Day a Holiday" by Steve Lowe

"Seeing Red" by Chris Lewis Carter

"Southern Fried Cruelty" by Matt Kurtz

"By Bizarre Hands" by Joe R. Lansdale

"Family Man" by John Bruni

"We Run Races With Goblin Troopers" by Lee Thompson

"Pascal's Wager" by Wrath James White

"A Special Surprise at Thanksgiving Dinner" by Elle Richfield

"Waiting for Santa" by Bentley Little

"Hung With Care" by Ty Schwamberger

"Sunshine Beamed" by Marie Green

"Dia de los Inocentes" by Elias Siqueiros

"Three, Two, One" by Nate Southard

Lust and horror, two of the strongest feelings humans can experience, are combined in this anthology from Blood Bound Books. 21 short stories of pleasure and pain, divided by nothing more than a thin gray line. And the only thing more terrifying than the taboo kinks themselves, is the fact that maybe you can actually relate. Perhaps you’ll see a bit of yourself within these pages. What’s your pleasure, and how far would you go to achieve your steamy scream?

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