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In Lammas Night a young weaver of spells is persuaded to bide a while in a small village, to make their village spells and keep the Dark at bay. As part of their persuasion, the villagers have given her the house of her predecessor. Not knowing that his spirit lingers there, she unwittingly breaks the spell that laid him. Now, a half-seen phantom courts her. He is either her lover for all time, the only she will ever know- or a wicked spirits' seeming, the aim of which is to entrap her in a fate unspeakable.

Will she call him to her or banish him forever? Now is the time of choosing, the Witching on Lammas Night. Magic Dark and Light are in perfect balance. She begins the casting of her spell....

Stories include:

"Introduction" by Josepha Sherman

"Lammas Night" by Mercedes Lackey

"Hallowmas Night" by Mercedes Lackey

"Harvest of Souls" by Doranna Durgin

"The Heart of the Grove" by Ardath Mayhar

"Miranda" by Ru Emerson

"Demonheart" by Mark Shepherd

"Sunflower" by Jody Lynn Nye

"Summer Storms" by Christie Golden

"A Choice of Many" by Mark Garland

"The Captive Song" by Jospha Sherman

"Midsummer Folly" by Elisabeth Waters

"The Mage, the Maiden and the Hag" by S.M. Stirling and Jan Stirling

"The Road Taken" by Laura Anne Gilman

"A Wandering of Wizard-Kind" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

"Circle of Ashes" by Stephanie D. Shaver

"A Choice of Dawns" by Susan Schwartz

"Miranda's Tale" by Jason Henderson

"Lady of Rock" by Diana L. Paxson

"Before" by Gael Baudino

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