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Peter Brunold had an unusual problem: his glass eye had been stolen—the bloodshot one he wore for hangovers. And the thief had substituted a counterfeit eye! Fearing a frame-up, Brunold came to Mason immediately. Sure enough, there was a murder… the victim was found clutching the stolen glass eye, and on the murder weapon were fingerprints… Perry Mason’s!

The nervous Arthur Cartright came to Perry Mason about a neighbor’s noisy dog that kept him too distracted to sleep at night. Mason thought the case almost too trivial to take, but before long he was deeply involved in a case involving a poisoned police dog, a missing wife, a talented housekeeper, and murder…

When a man’s past threatens his family’s future there’s only one way to turn — to Perry Mason

Harlow Bissinger Bancroft, head of a vast corporate empire and a happily married man, had a battery of lawyers — not one of any use to him in his present situation.

That’s why he sat facing Perry Mason, his air of authority vanished, a deeply disturbed man.

“There are three ways of dealing with a blackmailer,” Mason told him, “but only one should concern you — tell him to go jump in the lake.”

The blackmailer was found the lake, all right, but he’d not had a chance to jump in it for he was as dead as the proverbial mackerel.

“What prominent lawyer received the mitten in front of his office building last night? Who was the mysterious blonde spitfire who swung one from the hip and left him groggy...?”

That gossip columnist knew that Perry Mason was the lawyer. But Mason himself didn’t know who the girl was... and he wanted to.

She had climbed down the fire escape from the Garvin Mining, Exploration and Development Company — right into Mason’s office on the floor below. After a story which neither believed, she ran away. And the next day Ed Garvin came to see the lawyer.

Garvin said didn’t know the girl. He was just crazy about his new bride... but he want Mason to find out whether or not he had two wives. He, himself, didn’t quite know.

Perry Mason takes the case that soon involves murder and reaches a climax in one of the most brilliant courtroom scenes of Mason’s career.

It takes talent to kill two birds with one stone... but it takes genius (Erle Stanley Gardner variety) to make three bull’s-eyes with one arrow.

This Perry Mason mystery is a tantalizing triple-decker.

One threesome comprises three glamorous ladies — all long-legged models with ambitions that range from keeping the home fires burning to putting the home fires out.

Another trio is a far-from-pleasant collection of small metal objects called guns.

Finally, the favorite triumvirate of mystery readers around the world: Perry Mason, Della Street and Paul Drake. This is one of Mason’s most absorbing cases — meaning sensational action all the way, with a fabulous courtroom climax.

“You’ll have a tombstone on your chest, roses growin’ all around it, too, if you tie into that pair,” Mugs Magoo had warned Paul Pry. But the famous gang buster only laughed as he planned his next baffling deal — muscling artists were monkey meat to him.

Comely hula dancers go “around the island,” lanky cowboys go around the town, and the police go round and round, when Lester Leith interests himself in the mystifying case of the drugged guard.

The last of the Perry Mason mysteries features the headlong pace, wealth of red herrings, and sizzling courtroom scene characterizing the best of Gardner.

There was something phony about the girl her cheap coat didn’t go with her smartly tailored suit, her hair-do didn’t go with her beautifully kept hands — and her face didn’t go with her story.

It didn’t take Mason long to figure out that this so-called Sylvia Farr was no poor little girl from the country in search of her missing sister, but was indeed sister Mae herself — a girl in trouble of some sort, deep trouble.

So Perry went to bat and soon found himself in a hot ball game — one called murder.

Charles Ashton is a cranky old caretaker with one friend in the world: his Persian cat, Clinker. Samuel Laxter, heir to his former employer, wants him to get rid of his pet. By the codicils of his late employer’s will, Charles can’t be fired, but Clinker has no such job security; Ashton retains Perry Mason to arbitrate on his behalf. Then the murders begin…

Erle Stanley Gardner, creator of Perry Mason and the world’s bestselling mystery writer, wrote for the leading magazines such as and alongside Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

Following the success of featuring the exploits of Gardner s most enduring pre-Perry Mason hero Ed Jenkins — also known as “The Phantom Crook” — this collection continues with the intrepid man caring less for the letter of the law than for what he doggedly believes to be right. But to achieve his ends, Jenkins is forced to confront police criminals while avoiding the pitfalls of blackmail, coercion and incarceration. In , a full length novel, and three other short novels contained in this volume, Ed Jenkins still remains his own man to those who try to force his hand.

The pre-Perry Mason Erle Stanley Gardner was one of the most popular authors of his day and the accounts of Ed Jenkins were among his very best early work. The Ed Jenkins sagas, collected in one volume for the first time, represent the author s most thrilling adventures in the hard-boiled genre.

Debonair, quick-witted, and wealthy, he enjoyed the perks of his fortune, checking the newspapers in the comfort of his penthouse apartment for new burglaries and robberies to solve, and from which he could reclaim the stolen treasures.

He has a valet, Beaver, nicknamed “Scuttle” by Leith, who is a secret plant of Sergeant Arthur Ackley. Leith, of course, is aware that his manservant is an undercover operative, using that knowledge to plant misinformation to frustrate the policeman again and again.

Like many other young women, Marjorie Clune has fallen victim to a con artist who promotes bogus beauty pageants in small California towns. “The Girl with the Lucky Legs” is promised a Hollywood contract, but in fact, there is no contract, and the promoter absconds with the promotional money put up by local merchants. Cheated of her triumph, Marjorie has fled her hometown in shame to try to prove herself in Hollywood. Perry Mason is hired to bring her back. But when the unscrupulous pageant promoter is found dead, Marjorie becomes the prime suspect in his murder…

“Could you be convicted of murder if there was no corpse?” she wanted to know, and said she was only curious. This was the first of many lies that Perry Mason was to encounter in the case of The People vs. Rhonda Montaine…

The tempermental Frances Celane wants Mason to find a loophole in her father’s will, which allows her inheritance to be given to charity should she marry before age 25. Her uncle Edward Norton, serving as trustee, refuses to budge from the letter of the will. Then Mason learns that his client is being blackmailed, and has not told him the whole truth. When Norton is murdered, Mason must pull off some fast footwork to keep his client from having to sulk in stripes.

Thanks to a bungled robbery at a fancy hotel, the already-married Eva Griffin has been caught in the company of a prominent congressman. To protect the politico, Eva’s ready to pay the editor of a sleazy tabloid his hush money. But Perry Mason has other plans. He tracks down the phantom fat cat who secretly runs the blackmailing tabloid—only to discover a shocking scoop.

By the time Mason’s comely client finally comes clean, her husband has taken a bullet in the heart. Now Perry Mason has two choices: represent the cunning widow in her wrangle for the dead man’s money—or take the rap for murder.

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